Bryan Donald White
Hardemasch 19
33719 Bielefeld Telephone: 0157 540 30952
Objective Seeking a position in the areas of IT support or administration, Online
Marketing, or web development that leverages my extensive experience in
these fields.
Bielefeld, Germany
Web Developer, Linux
Systems Administrator,
Technical Support
July 2012-Current
Current and recent projects include complex extensions of Wordpress
functionality via template and plugin development (PHP, jQuery,
Hosting and maintenance of websites and services on CentOS Linux.
Configuration and maintenance of various services, including
Apache, MySQL, OpenVPN, Owncloud, Postfix, Dovecot, etc.
Squishy Media
Portland, Oregon, USA
Web and Software Design
and Development Firm
Development Lead
November 2011-May 2012
Managed and mentored a team of talented programmers working in a
variety of front and back end web technologies.
Produced complex systems for public and private sector entities.
Worked directly with the team as lead developer as well as in a
systems administration capacity.
Travel Portland
Portland, Oregon, USA
Convention and Tourism
Marketing Organization
Director of Online Strategy
November 2006-November
Directed all aspects of the city of Portland's online marketing efforts
focused on both convention (b2b) and tourism (b2c) audiences.
Focused and managed all aspects of tactical online marketing,
including SEO/SEM, Social Media and e-mail marketing, and cross-
platform analytics.
Managed a team of both internal and external (e.g. advertising
agencies, web software developers) resources.
Managed combined annual budgets of approximately $250,000.
Frequently presented to large stakeholder audiences, including
governmental and private enterprise.
Flying I Ranch, LLC
Portland, Oregon, USA
Web and Software Design
and Development Firm
Co-Founder, Co-Owner,
Lead Developer
January 2001-November
Co-Managed all activities of this small firm, focused on providing
premier quality web presences and systems.
Spearheaded initiatives to provide services to small business that
would not otherwise have been active online.
Developed innovative, complex web systems for customers from one-
person firms through fortune 500 technology companies.
Previous to 2001 Various IT and management positions; more information on request.
Skills and Qualifications
Excellent (English-language) communicator, written and spoken.
Deeply experienced with back-end web technologies and languages,
most notably PHP and Python, with a specialization in content
management (CMS) systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Zope, Plone) and
RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle).
Advanced HTML and CSS knowledge and experience.
Functional (TELC B1) German language fluency, written and spoken.
Recent Freelance Work – Woodshed Stage Art
Dominic Tancredi, Owner
Tel. +1 216.650.3378
“I have been working closely with Bryan since early 2013. He's always able to find or create a solution to our
website-related challenges and to bring my ideas to life. Using WordPress and PHP, Bryan has delivered
several impressive apps that have directly impacted our ability to land new clients, streamline processes, and
close sales — all of which have been key factors in our recent growth.”
2011-2012 – Squishy Media
Christian Seppa, Senior Developer
2006-2011 – Travel Portland
Greg Newland, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations
Tel. +1 503.275.9771
2001-2005 – Flying I Ranch
Marco Fusaro, Co-founder, Lead Designer
Tel. +1 503.442.1413